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26 May 2011

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Your Forex Broker Representative? They’re NOT from Skynet!

Fact: Representatives of any company are not cyborgs sent by Skynet. Yes, they sound human and they are human-looking, but I assure you that none of them is after Sarah Conner. That’s because they ARE human beings just like you. (If you haven’t received the memo, we have a long way to go before Read more…

23 May 2011

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Which BabyPips.com Forum Character are you?

Oooh, so you dare accept my challenge? You’ve seen my 3 most interesting forum types and figured you’re not in it? Excited to find out which one you are? I am too!

Let’s begin! Here’s the rest of my list.

“The Evil Clown”

Evil Clown is very quick with a joke, but his jests alwaysRead more…

17 May 2011

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Meet Ashish: A Living, Breathing Part-Time Forex Trader!

I’m not sure if you participated, but we recently ran a poll on the BabyPips.com fan page asking what type of traders you guys are. Over 150 of y’all answered! Without a doubt, the part-timers once again reigned. 77% of the respondents (yes, I did the math) ARE part-time traders. With that data, the wise Dr. Pipslow even… Read more…

13 May 2011

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FX-Men Launches More Tools to Help Improve Your Forex Trading Knowledge!

For the month of May, the FX-Men are asking all you fantastic forex traders to mark two dates on your trading calendars. Which ones, you ask? It’s the 13th and the 16th! Let’s break it down shall we?

On May 13th, Forex Ninja is challenging – wait, 13th? Isn’t that TODAY? Dang, he sneaked up on me again! I… Read more…

25 Mar 2011

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Traders Unite for Japan

The end of days.

With the recent events around the world, one can’t help but think of that. When IS the end?

The idea became popular with the Bible, the Mayan’s Aztec calendar and Nostradamus’ quatrains.  And with all the movies like The Day After Tomorrow, Knowing, 9, The Book of Eli, Zombieland, Read more…

18 Mar 2011

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This Just In: Yohay Elam is FreshPips.com’s Featured Member!

NEWS FLASH! Today is Friday!

In case you haven’t had your daily dose of internet viral videos and haven’t heard Rebecca Black quips yet, here’s a good one:

“Yesterday was Thursday, and today is Friday. Tomorrow is Saturday, and Sunday comes afterwards.”

What does this mean really? It’s time to go down to the dungeons and par-tay! But we… Read more…

09 Mar 2011

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MT4Pips.com: What’s Clickin’?

If you’re an aspiring FX-Men Honorary Member (if not one already); you must be familiar with all of the Pips á la Carte sites. If not, worry you shan’t. I’mma give you the lowdown on MT4Pips.com. Whattup!

So what the heck is it?

MT4Pips.com is a service we, the awesome people from BabyPips.com, provide in order to allow you,… Read more…

14 Feb 2011

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BabyPips.com’s Forex Economic Calendar with a touch of Red.


Everywhere I look, I see red.

Yes, it is that time of the year. I can almost hear the ladies sighing and the guys groaning.

Ah, the month of love.

It’s not just Cupid who’s busy this time of the year. With the celebration of the New Lunar

Read more…

27 Jan 2011

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Got a forex question? AskPips.com is the place to go.

So you’ve been to the School of Pipsology, you’ve met the FX-Men, and you’ve participated in the forums.

What do you do when you’ve got a question?  Check Forexpedia, then the forums? Or maybe you see if someone else has asked your question?

Let’s say you get lucky and find a thread about that subject. You read… Read more…